By Damon Roberts


Romeda - Film stage for the five colour hand produced variant

Test Tones metal compound ink silkscreen print being worked on the press.

My old Vestax rotary mixer. I picked this up dirt cheap from a customer in Sweden and had it shipped over. I loved this piece of kit and if I was ever creating raw images from sound sources I always run the audio through this beforehand. It was also the only dj mixer I've ever had that mixing records on actually started to make sense to me. It opened up a whole sonic world of possibilities. The bottom unit was the start of a project housing two frequency isolators. 

The toughest and most physical part of the prints I make is the solid flooded colour aperture. Which I'm just about to start in this photograph. Flooding the ink through the open screen. This part is a real energy drainer. There is an elation to it after doing a full day of these though, the mind starts to clear of all the digital stuff we soak up on a daily basis and the endorphins start to flow from the excursion. A bit of a pleasure / pain cycle.

The studio's new Vestax mixer. Which is now just about back to full health after the inside of my studio and all the equipment contained in it was involved in a sandblasting disaster caused by rouge workmen renovating a neighbouring building!

Part of a series of graphic works I was commissioned to produce for fashion retailer Harvey Nichols.

Mille Miglia - Silkscreen on textured oxidised metal block. 

Acid erosion treatment I developed on multi layer silkscreen print which eats into the inks surface revealing the under printed layers.



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