By Damon Roberts


This was part of a series of image based works and identities i produced for several of Harvey Nichols U.K. stores. Much of which was used for the food departments and was also utilized in their restaurants.  I did quite a lot of commissions for Harvey Nichols over a seven year period. Mainly focused on the Edinburgh, Leeds and Manchester stores although I did work for their London flagship store occasionally as well.

I initially landed the work by sending their manager a hand cut ransom style note which i'd chopped up out of the Radio Times. It was a minimal communiqué stating 'I know who you are! now find out who I am.........". No address, no name of sender, nothing. Just two lines of hand cut text. I followed this up with a telephone call around a week or later. Fortunately they saw the funny side and got me in for an informal chat.

After viewing my portfolio and having a long conversation about visual culture and design in general. They asked if I would undertake a small commission. This eventually rolled out into several years regular work for them until eventually budget caps meant much of their design had to be handled by their in house team. No regrets though, they were a pleasure to work for.

I don't think I would try the cut and paste ransom note tactic again in today's rather paranoid world. I think it might result in an early morning knock from foot soldiers of the powers that be!

I've been trying to recover some of the other pieces i did for them off an old hard drive that been less than well cared for. If I manage to do this i'll upload some more to the blog.