By Damon Roberts


Working out the pigment to binder ratio before starting print production. This has become a bit of a ritual for every print I start work on. When dealing with the levels of complexity on some of the multi-layer silkscreen productions I've become known for, this is a really vital step to ensure the whole of the print has the right tonal balance, if not the whole process has to start from the very beginning. Not only highly frustrating but very costly in terms of materials wasted. I've learnt from bitter experience. A stitch in time she nine.......

The brand new custom engineered silkscreen printing press I designed and built. It's rare it ever looks this pristine when the inks begin to flow.

Altered States print production mid way  through before all the foreground layers were added.

 The trusty old Swan Morton scalpel used for etching and cleaning up the films.......

Sera-Graph abstract from the vaults. I've been promising for a while that this is going to be the first experiment I do in cmyk printing. A process that has evaded me so far.

This is the very first piece that I generated using the new circular spindle print platten. Called experiment number # 4. A series of repetitive linear ink applications in contrasting tones using the print arm in a staccato fashion to lay the colours on the greyboards surface. This was really a textural piece as you could feel all the ripples of paint on the surface. This ideas will be developed into some more visually complicated pieces using overprinted image sections of varying lengths. This piece is now sold.

Burning speaker cones graphic composition by Damon Roberts -x- Glass Siren Studio. The photoshoot was conducted outside the studio to reduce the risk of the fire spreading. Only a handful of successful shots where achieved from three rolls of film. The final image was then spliced together digitally.

Test Tones silkscreen ready for washing off. Probably the least enjoyable part of the print process.

A sorry into garment design which was a new one for me. This was a highly limited run of bespoke made t-shirt I produced in the early days of Glass Siren Studio. They were created using gas mercerised cotton and were coloured  using a pigment dye process which I began to experiment with then finished using an enzyme wash to polish the garments surface. These really were a very high end product with no expense spared in their production. Distributed by the Flannels group in the uk. They were given the glass case treatment in all their stores.

Just one of the various branding elements I worked up as samples for the t-shirt range which featured 18 different graphic print releases I did specifically for the range. The sample above was a layer cut woven nylon tape.


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