By Damon Roberts


Various films that were produced to print the individual colours on the new matrix series of silkscreen prints.


Abstract linear artwork development.

Album cover art for Dreadzone by Damon Roberts. This is a recent album cover project that i've finished for Dreadzone for their latest album Dread Times. I tend to focus my energies as much as possible on my own productions these days. The onslaught of physically screenprinting several hours day combined with developing new ideas can be an enjoyable but draining process to say the least. So when something like this comes along its good to be able step away from the usual routine and work on something new. Its the second album cover i've done for the band. They have both been somewhat of a collaboration between myself and Greg from the band, throwing ideas back and forth with me frantically cobbling visual ideas together until something we like starts to emerge. I tend to live with the initial visual ideas for about a month gradually developing and refining them until we reach the final stage before handing over the artwork for the repro house for proofing and film production......

 Arc 454 - multi layer silkscreen print being produced on the press.

Miniature silkscreen originally used for printing one of the studios various icons on the back of large format artworks.

Flesh sequence composition from the vaults.

Ghost Peaks Silkscreen Print currently under development.

Audiophiles 1.1 Cd Cover - A production from quite a few years ago for firewire records. Featuring Andrew weatherall and Keith Tenniswood in their Two Lone Swordsmen Guise.

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