By Damon Roberts


Glass Siren Studio official wax seal stamp for the provenance cards sent out with each silkscreen print.

The original printing press I used for many productions before engineering the latest version.

The outside world. The view through the studio window's blackout aperture before dark room set-up commences.

A very sleepy Staffordshire bull terrier that often lives under the printing press.

Driftworks and Test Tones silkcreen wall art prints releases together in A1 frame.

Rough and ready Transmissions artist proof.

Test Tones about to be stamped and signed ready for market.

Smoke Spheres hi-definition screen on the press about to under go the print cycle.

As well as being focussed on building Glass Siren Studio's array screenprinting equipment and developing numerous abstract themed works, I have produce a lot of heavily processed experimental graphic imagery which has been used to promote numerous reggae legends and sound systems for SuDdub which is one of the uk's longest running reggae and dub sound system events. SubDub is 21 years old this year which equates to a lot of artwork. It's been quite a good test bed for exploring graphic ideas.

Sign of the times..... Graphic detail from one of my early silkscreen prints. 

The production of Glass Siren Studio's promotion cards. 3mm thick greyboard. Hand silkscreen printed transmitter artwork.

Charcoal and silver Dilations silkscreen print in a 50cm x 70cm Habitat uk wall art frame. I tend to mount the prints I keep for myself directly to the manilla backboard the frame is supplied with. I get asked about this a lot so thought worth mentioning here. The frames are just slightly bigger than the sheet size of the SRA2 prints I tend to produce. This gives the artwork a bit of breathing space around the edges which i tend to prefer.

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