By Damon Roberts


In no particular order...... Whilst getting this site ready for its current overhaul, I started to pull together a load of shots from my archive. Many of these are random in nature, I suppose they are nothing more than a little insight into the behind the scenes production of the finished works. Some of these are random sketches that eventually led to what I do now, some of them are oddities and ephemera which are stuck to the studio walls. Others are of the constant stream of films I output on a weekly basis. These are a bit of a peek in to the world of glass siren studio and the perpetual mess that resides in it. I am getting more organised these days but its good to look back see the chaos that has led to where I'm at now..... Enjoy!

The full metal print process that's been used on several releases to date. This shot was from the early experiments when I was testing out if this was indeed possible to do this. The finished pieces have a unique textural quality similar to that of fine emery cloth. The ground metal can be left in a pure silver state or can be allowed to oxidise to bring out a plethora of different hues.

Future Daze - One of the eight films that made up the finished prints on the studio's ultra violet exposure unit ready to create the screen that will be used to print with.

Another destroyed silkscreen totally ripped apart on the press during the print cycle. 

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