By Damon Roberts


Hanging prints during print production, ready to apply the next layers of ink

Hand printed dutch greyboard promotional cards.

One of the studio's metal stamp prototypes for applying wax seals to provenance cards.

The daily ritual of ink mixing and working out opacity levels.

One of many pre-production abstracts waiting for film production to test out its viability on the manual printing press.

Some production shots from the Glitch Series of silkscreen print releases. The master images which were generated from sound which was fed through my old vestax mixer needed some cleaning up before being able to get them ready for the print stage. This was done by hand using a scalpel, its sometimes easier this way and preferential to burning out ones retinas in front of a computer screen.

The photograph above shows the first test print of this film which i did directly onto some 3m scotchlite retroflective fabric. Its phenomenal stuff to work with, expensive but the effects when used in conjunction with certain types of imagery can be nothing short of stunning.

A graphic abstraction from the vaults that was integrated into some of the numerous subdub compositions I've been commissioned to produce over the years.

This is a process I have been testing out recently on the press. Its an experiment that I've been using for creating unique organic looking backgrounds as a base to print some of the linear abstract style pieces on. I've been flooding background with varnish then applying tiny amounts of diluted inks via either a pipet or a glazers bulb onto the screen while the varnish is still wet. The tiny drops of dilute ink is then worked through the screen by rolling the squeegee of it in random areas until it starts to build up into something visually pleasing. Its a hit an miss process but the ones which have worked look really interesting as backgrounds and will provide a really nice contrast when some delicate linear imagery is applied on the surface.

Detail from the King Tubb's Reprise Silkscreen Prints.

Another one from the archive I found as I was getting prepped to finally take control of the Glass Siren Studio Blog. 

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