By Damon Roberts


Test Tones film production stage. Checking these off against the studio's back lit drawing board to ensure all area of the artwork will reproduce when the studio goes into dark room mode in order to create the high definition screens that will eventually be used to make the final prints. A real trial and error process which often the most frustrating part of the pre-production stages.

The engineering project that nearly broke me! The studio's custom built printing press designed specifically for the oversize A2 prints I tend to produce. Thinking ten steps forward and backward simultaneously for several months wasn't the most tranquil state of mind I've ever attained. Still the pain was well worth the effort. One of those 'harder the battle the sweeter the victory' situations. 

Detail galore. One of the new rotational pieces being worked up on the press. These are a little nerve wracking to produce as there is so much scope for these to go wrong which means a lot of stress and frustration when it does. The process is pretty much stable now after filling a notebook of instructions as I was attempting these. 

Getting the delicate balance of ink's opacity levels right when producing the kind of  highly detailed work I make is absolutely paramount to a successful outcome. This is from my colour bible, a telephone directory sized book I keep all the formulas in. Kept under lock and key!

The beginnings of a new abstract pieces that hasn't reached film stage as yet. There is a lot fo these ideas ready to go. I'm getting my ducks in a row at the moment so to speak - ready to bring some of these into the real world.

Heavy duty 30mm steel shafts which support the linear rail and print head on the press. I wanted to engineer this to last and make it rock solid so the work that comes off this beast is as accurate as possible. The finished press is so heavy it would have to be deconstructed to be able to move it. I like the idea of building something that will endure the test of time.

TB-303 typographic detail from the Future Daze multi-layer prints.

The first test prints from the new Arc 454 series of linear sound abstracts.

The raw metal precision adjusters on the new press before the hammer coat process was applied to protect the machinery from rust. 

Graphic composition for SubDub. Damon Roberts -x- Glass Siren Studio.

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