By Damon Roberts


I thought it would be worth including here whilst updating the blog some of what i call the 'byproduct' of the process i work with.  These are the sheets that I use when registering the printing press and sometimes these are used to ensure i'm getting a even ink application and tightly defined print whilst working on a new edition. These resultant pieces have often been overprinted layer upon layer many times over so in them you can often see elements from my previous print releases that i've created over the years.

I will dig trough the archive over the coming weeks and try to photograph and upload some of the more interesting abstract oddities that have emerged whilst working the press. I have a whole stack of these in the studio racked up on the shelves. If i ever get time i may well pick out some of the more interesting ones and develop these as one off prints for the site.....

A lot of these random overprints have proved to be a great source of inspiration for colour ideas and also the using opacity levels of inks. There is only so far you can go on a computer with the process of visualizing. Sometimes is just best to get the printing press rolling and see what emerges.....

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