By Damon Roberts


Glass Siren Studio's water cut aluminium platten with centre spindle. This a tool I have engineered in order for me to work on what I class as rotational prints. The spindle sits inside a socket which is locked into position underneath the disc and allows me to spin the substrates I am printing onto a full 360 degrees.

Me. The one behind all this. Damon Roberts -x- Glass Siren Studio.

Damon Roberts (Artist) in Lego form. A good luck token constructed by a good friend of mine - Mr Ben Stevenson. I absolutely adore this. Complete with Lego printing press, pots of ink and print platten with the words 'Veni, Vidi, Vici'. 

Early stages of experimentation using the new rotational print platten. This took a lot of trial and error to work out the pick up points of the gradients as one of the types of production I have developed using this system requires images to be printed in four sections which eventually blend and join together to form a final image composition. This shows just one quarter being test printed. 

'Nearly There' is the mantra I've always adhered to with this seemingly never ending creative cycle I've found myself in. It keeps me going and gives me some form of hope. Wherever 'There' actually is I'm never quite sure........ But I'll no doubt get 'There' one day...

Another one of my freehand silkscreen compositions from the archive.

One of the various synchronicity prints I have made over the last decade. Some of these have been more minimalistic in their nature, others more complex such as this one that went up to ten individual hand applied layers or acrylics. 

Future Daze - Graphic composition that has recently been given the multi-layer silkscreen print treatment. One version of this is currently available to purchase on the product section.

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