By Damon Roberts


Testing out some new Japanese stamp pads i've recently acquired.

A mid-production shot of one of the Transmissions prints from a few years ago. These incorporated several colour overprints of the foreground transmitter image, all slightly offset so it created an eye jarring juxstapostion effect. The colours i was working helped. The orange certainly had some intensity to it.....

The rare times when the studio is uncluttered, the decks are cleared and a new production is about to commence. Ink mixing and before the proofing cycle begins once more.....

Another batch of wax seal 'thank you cards' underway......

Situation normal.. The studio was like this for almost ten weeks whilst the 'Hexamine Heights' Silkscreen print production was underway. Such a relief to get that one finished. I started off with a loose idea for an architectural inspired abstract and just started working to see how it emerged. It turned into a highly complicated piece. Thirty layers of hand applied inks, each colour needing its own film and screen making before i could add each layer.......

This was the spray sealing process on one of the 'Made with Metal' series of prints. They are created by adhering finely ground metal to the surface of the print which makes up the main image. Its a really interesting process to work with and the results are very tactile, teaxtural pieces.

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