Cromalith Master Variant
pink blue wall art abstract art print
rainbow graphic abstract wall art print
abstract wall art screenprint
artist signed origianl wall art screenprint
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Cromalith Master Variant

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This abstract was created with the silkscreen print process using various percentages of cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks only. Each layer was overprinted with very tight registration so the individual ink mixes blended and the print were developed. By the time the last opacity reduced black layer has been applied to the prints surface the full colour image then emerges. Its a real fascinating process to explore. I was originally going to make 100 prints of this master edition with the more tan / brown tones in its hazed aperture but as i was experimenting on the press i chose to reduce the print run size down considerably and make four individual mini editions in different colours. Every single piece from this edition has its own unique colour properties and textural characteristics. This edition you see here is consists of only 21 pieces.

The prints are 640mm x 450mm. Each one is stamped, signed and numbered.

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