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ZIGZAG Abstracted brutalist architecture.

Although minimalistic in it's composition, this piece consists of around twelve layers of hand applied inks. Once the base layers were printed using cyan, magenta and yellow tones the surace layers could be applied using spot colours. Flourescent inks were also utilised in this production to help boost the colour saturation.

Finally the jewel in the crown was three layers of ultra gloss varnish on the black components of the image. You can see the stunning effect created  in some of the detailed photographs below where lighting is reflecting off the gloss.

This is one of those prints that really needs to be seen in the flesh to get an idea of the impact created. This kind of work can only be produced using the silkscreen process where layer upon layer ink is built up on the sheets surface.

640mm x 450mm silkscreen print

Each print is stamped, signed and numbered.

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