A fascination with music and album cover art is what set me on this creative trajectory in the first place. If i was looking for a culprit for getting me into all this , the blame would most probably lie with Jamaican reggae artist U-Roy. His original 1978 "Version Galore' album came with purposefully halftoned cover image which was printed in incredible eye jarring red and green inks, the opposing colours resonating so wildly it felt like they were fighting a war for the attention of your eyes. This made a big impression on me and ignited a life long passion for art and design.

That original spark of influence no matter how small its seems, eventually led me years later to spend most of my waking hours producing graphic imagery in one form or another for various record labels, music industry projects as well a regular artwork commissions for Harvey Nichols. By operating in this world i'd began to learn a lot about commercial print processes when handling the production of cd and album covers etc. By accident i'd become familiar with the silkscreen print process and  began to focus on my energies on exploring its possibilities. This age old process opened up a world of creative options for me and eventually led me to establish glass siren studio which is my own silkscreen print facility which I developed for the production of my own print experiments.

Much of my work has taken an abstract direction over the past decade. The prints from the Glass Siren Archive that you see on this site are all hand produced using the silkscreen process and have been created on a custom built press that i've gradually built and modified over the years. Its been an intense journey working in a very trial and error fashion, amassing knowledge of imaging techniques and building up a fully operational studio set up that would allow me to realize my ideas fluidly and ultimately providing total autonomy over the production of new work.

The magic of this process often lives in the mistakes you make along the way. The interesting part is learning to exploit these errors and nuances that occur to greater effect. As well a working with traditional inks and additives on paper, i've also developed techniques along the way which incorporate the use of metal powders to create three dimensional textural prints.


This is a bit of year zero situation at the moment. A new burst of creative energy is in the air once again, now the studio set-up is complete which is going to afford me the opportunity to really push on with some new print productions. Check the blog for details as i'll be attempting to document some of this new studio activity during the course of the year.


 Keep the faith

{Damon Roberts -x- Glass Siren Studio}