I will expand on this section over the next few days but I've been asked quite a few times recently questions regards framing the silkscreen prints that I produce so I thought I'd add this temporary page to the site In the meantime.

Over the years I have used various frames from different suppliers and have also gone down the luxury custom route several times using high grade brushed aluminium which can prove quite costly but the finished products do look very slick and you have the luxury of of choosing from a plethora of different colours and finishes. You can also specify the type of glass you wish to use. Some glass has greater resistance to light glare. Professional framing shops will be able to advise further on this.

However I have been a big fan of the selection of frames that Habitat in the U.K. sell. I have used these for as long as I have been producing silkscreen prints. I have used them for exhibition purposes, displaying the work in my studio and also used them for the product shots on this website. The frames I tend to use for the SRA2 prints that I produce are the 50cm x 70cm ones. They are slightly bigger than the prints and usually (depending on which range you choose) come with a firm manilla pulp board backing. I always think the prints benefit from the extra space around them so this size works perfectly. I know some customers like the idea of bevel mounts in a frame (these you would have to order separately and it makes the whole process a lot more complicated).  I tend to mount the work directly to the manilla back board with a display mount spray and insert this directly in to the frame. I think the utilitarian look really suits the minimalist nature of these works.

I will add some links to the habitat frames I would suggest using over the next few days.... If you do require further advice on framing I'm more that happy to help.



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