Hopefully if you've taken the time to read through the blog you will have gained some insight into the behind the scenes work which ultimately leads to the creation of new silkscreen artwork and prints at my studio. There is a quite lot going on.......

The fact that so many of you have invested in what I do and have my work hung on your walls in many parts of the world fills me with joy. But there is still so much more to achieve. Where I'm currently at is somewhat of a year zero situation. To finally have a fully functioning studio with all the equipment at my disposal is superb position for any artist to be in. It's been one hell of a fight to get to this stage though. I do however have a metaphorical 'stone in my shoe' which still causes me great anxiety. This is the constant battle to find for new receptive audiences. 

If you are already aware of what I do or are indeed a new visitor to my site. I would be of great help if you were to broadcast any of the samples of work documented within these pages on your social media channels via the share buttons scattered around the pages to let others know about my work.

This small gesture which involves nothing more than a button click makes a huge impact on the number of visitors this site will receive in any one given month. In real terms this means more people will adopt the work I produce and the funds from the sales generated can be invested back into materials and inks to ensure this whole creative cycle can continue without loosing momentum..... 

If you are going to join the growing number of individuals who already share my work on a regular basis via social media please make sure you join the mailing list via the submission box in the footer of this site and make contact via email to let me know. If you participate I will add you to the Glass Siren Studio Broadcaster members list. In return you will be able to gain access to the various unique artist proofs I produce whilst developing new print releases and testing out new ideas on the press. These exclusive prints and proofs will be offered at special rates exclusively to broadcasters.

Not only does the act of sharing massively help with exposure for the art I create. It minimises the funds a tiny little studio like Glass Siren has to channel into the pockets of giant corporations in order to increase its visibility.

I would rather these precious funds end up in the pockets of the small independent uk businesses where my materials are sourced from and the helpers of my cause are rewarded with unique hand crafted work as their reward.

Broadcast for Victory!

Bless you all.

Damon Roberts -x- Glass Siren Studio


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