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Hand crafted silkscreen abstraction print.  These have been produced with a metal compound ink and a blend of white and cream acrylics on a charcoal flood. The combination of the dulled silver inks merged with the traditional opaque acrylics had created a stunning duo-tone effect which becomes apparent when direct light hits the prints surface. These form part of an evolving series of abstract works that i am developing in this monochrome colour palette.

Each print is created on a 300 gsm sheet of high grade recycled stock from a British paper mill. Rubber stamped and artist signed.

A little bit of close up detail where you can see the merging of the metalics and cream tones blended together.

Metal compound inks being mixed to the correct opactity levels in order to create the duo-tone effect.

Once of the screens used in the print process and some of the films i used during the proofing process.

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