how these abstract wall art prints are hand crafted
blue gold and white sound themed wall art prints
deep blue and gold abstract wall art prints
a sign of quality and craftsmanship
making these sound art screenprints by hand
abstract wall art in the making at glass siren studio with artist damon roberts
how these abstract wall art prints are hand crafted


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This high definition waveform abstract silkscreen print has been created by hand using in a subtle gold metal pigment ink with a cream juxtaposed overprinted layer on selected areas of the foreground to enhance the images three dimensional quality.

Each one is stamped and signed. They are produced on a quality 300 gsm recycled kraft stock from the British Paperback Co-op.

I've included a selection of additional photographs below of the various films and screens that were utilised in this production to illustrate the hand crafted approach that led to its creation.

Above shows a selection of the individual films that were used to create this silkscreen print series. The base layer of the image was created using a courser grain film positive, this allowed a denser layer of gold metal compound ink to be applied to the prints surface. The foreground layer which was created using an overprint process in cream tone acrylics used a tighter definition film positive and screen so only the finest detail was applied to the high points of the image. This created a stunning duotone effect when direct light hits the prints surface.

This is one of the selection of high definition screens that was exposed and used to make these silkscreen prints.

Here you can see the third layer of cream tone acrylic ink being applied to the prints surface during the print run on my studio's printing press.

Close up shots showing the duotone effect achieved by the overprinting the subtle cream tone acrylics on the courser gold surface base below it.

Only the highest points of the waveform composition was treated with the opacity reduced cream acrylics allowing the finest grain gold inks to fade out naturally to the deep blue flood. Even though some of the grain is incredibly fine as soon as the light hits the print all this detail becomes visible. Its a really interesting effect that you just cannot recreate with other processes. These are really special pieces.

Each silkscreen print is stamped and signed in pencil and comes with wax seal artist provenance card.

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