Cromalith CR Variant
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pink abstract wall art print
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Cromalith CR Variant

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This abstract silkscreen print production was created using the cmyk process. The colours achieved in these pieces are nothing short of stunning. After working exclusively for many years with spot colour printing, i've made the jump into exploring the cmyk print process and ive been blown away by what can be achieved. Its taken a few minor modifications on the printing press to really harness its full potential but the time and effort has been well worth it.

This cerise variant is a very low number edition. I only created 22 of these prints in total. I managed to develop this deep colouration by varying the levels of the cyan, magenta and yellow inks as the prints were being worked on the printing press. The tonal depth that was emerging was incredibly striking so i took the opportunity to explore a colour pallete i hadn't really considered whilst developing the composition..... Every single piece from this edition has its own unique colour properties and textural characteristics that you can only acheive with this hand crafted process. A minimal amount of real metal pigment inks were also added to the final pieces in selected areas.

The prints are 640mm x 450mm. Each one is stamped, signed and numbered.

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