Cromalith Red Haze Variant
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Cromalith Red Haze Variant

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Cmyk silkscreen process print. This limited edition was hand crafted on a custom built silkscreen print press at my studio. This is one of four individual colour variants i achieved from a set of photo-sensitive screens. This one was pushed further in the red spectrum by experimenting with ink opacity levels and also double and triple hitting one of the prints component layers. I've tended in the past to print mainly using spot colour but i've recently been exploring the cmyk print process in a fine art capacity. Its a process thats been used historically for printing everything from magazine to crisp packets using huge litho presses. I've taken the fundamentals of this process and found a way of making it work with the silkscreen print process. Its really opening up a whole world of creative possibilities. Due to the hand produced nature of these works every single finished print i chose for this edtion has its own colour characteristcs and textural properties. This red haze variant consists of only 26 pieces in total. Its produced on a high grade 300 gsm recycled kraft stock. Size 640mm x 450mm.... Each one is stamped, signed and numbered.