full colour abstract wall art print
making abstract wall art using the screenprint process
full colour abstract wall art screenprint
artist signed original wall art
hand made original abstract wall art print
full colour abstract wall art screenprint
making abstract wall art using the silskcreen print preocess
mixing speedball screenprinting inks to make abstract wall art
original abstract wall art
hand crafted abstract wall art
signed original wall art
rainbow abstract wall art screenprint


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Multi Layer Silkscreen Abstraction print by Damon Roberts -x- Glass Siren Studio.

The Crystal Structures abstract composition has gone through quite an intensive refinement process recently before reaching a stage where i thought could be handled on the printing press.

I wanted to test out the viability of using this process which is mainly utilized in the world of commercial print production. Take a look at a cereal box or a newspaper under a magnifying glass and you more often than not see the minute cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink dots merged to create the impression of a full colour image. I wanted to take the basics of this process and explore it in my own hand crafted silkscreen print productions.

In order to do this i had to create a set of individual films per colour that needed to be printed and expose the film positives onto a set of ultra fine mesh screens in order to begin the proofing stage. You can see in the shots below the films on the studio's exposure unit.

These films are then used to create the mesh screens, which are essentially a high definition stencil created with photo-sensitive emulsion which once set on the screen can be used to hand print the resultant image. You can see the screen on the press below as the first magenta layer was being tested out on the press. One screen for each colour that was to be applied to the print was created.

Here we have the basic ink mixes used with this process. All the colours were reduced with a transparent binder to help them blend as they were being overprinted. I also applied a solid flood of opacity reduced cream undernearth the Cmyk components of these prints to help boost the colour saturation so it created a real vibrant outcome.

This is a an example below of where the prints were at after the first couple layers were overprinted on top of one another. You can really see how the colours start to develop.

Here you can see full gamut of colours once cyan, magenta, yellow and black layers had been applied. Finally i added one extra layer of spot colour at the very end of the print cycle to helt boost the contrast in this piece.

This is on one of the finished pieces once all the component layers had been applied. An incredible depth of colour was achieved in the finished prints. I have several more prints planned which will explore this process further. The full edition has now been stamped, signed and numbered and ready to purchase.

Hand crafted abstract multi-layer silkscreen print. Frame not included. Acrylic inks on 300 gsm recycled kraft stock stock. Each one is stamped, signed and numbered. This is a limited edition of 85 pieces. Supplied with wax seal artist provenance card. Sheet size 640mm x 450mm. If you require info on framing feel free to contact me.