Abstract sound wave metal wall art
making abstract sound metal wall art
abstract sound metal wall art
abstract metal wall art
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A textural metal abstract print by Damon Roberts -x- Glass Siren studio.

These prints were created by flooding a square aperture in the centre of the sheet with a mixture of metal compound gold ink mixed with a clear varnish. This was used as the base to begin building up the metal abstract image on its surface.

This was done by printing the linear image with a heavy duty adhesive and coating all printed areas of the piece with a very fine ground metal. The vacuum platten on the printing press came in handy to help fix the pieces as the suction draws the metal deeper into the adhesive.

The sheets are then spray sealed with a resin formula mix which i'd developed through a lots of trial and error. The finished print has a three dimensional textual quality as the ground metal protrudes off the sheets surface. These are incredibly tactile pieces that have the feel of fine emery cloth on the metal applied areas.

I have included these phoduction shots to try and illustrate how the they were created at my studio. Above and below shows the finely ground metal being applied to the metal ink flooded aperture in the sheets centre.

Below you can see the individual prints undergoing the resin spray sealent proces which helps lock the ground metal to the sheets surface. These are then taken from the spray booth as quickly as possible and speed dryed so the resin doesnt absorb into the sheet.

You can see here once the powdered metal residue has been removed from the adhesive printed areas of the sheets, a sharply defined textural metal linear image become visible against the gold acrylic ink flood.

Size (SRA2) 640mm x 450mm. Each one is stamped and signed. Supplied unframed in a sturdy cardboard mailer tube to ensure safe transit.

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