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Traditional minimalist silkscreen print version of the Dilations composition.

Produced with real metal compound ink on an opacity reduced charcoal flood. The metal ink formula has a stunning semi reflective property under direct lighting conditions. As this is a hand printed piece each impression created by the printing press has its own individual nuances and ink density depending on the pressure applied whilst undergoing its creation. The quality of these prints speak for themselves.

Size 640mm x 450mm.  Each one is rubber stamped and signed in pencil.

The stock that this print is produced on is a 300gsm high grade recycled pulp stock from the British Paperback Mill.

Supplied unframed in strong cardboard mailer to ensure safe transit.

The additional photographs show the silkscreen that was used to create these pieces and also the metal compound ink being mixed to the correct opacity levels before print production began.....

Yet another broken screen.