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This is a highly limited edition variant of the original Dreadtimes artwork. This version consists of only 25 pieces.

Whilst working on the master edition which was produced using a subtle metal compound ink on a charcoal flood, i decided whilst operating the press towards the end of the print run to do a little experimentation using a stectrum blend overprint technique which resulted in this little micro edition.

I mixed three ink tones into a metalic gold ink base which had been diluted with a transparent binder. I kept the inks very dilute as i didn't want to decimate the underprint in this piece with it been of a very grainy and subtle nature, i didnt want the definition in the piece to be lost. This ink mix was then applied to over the top of the prints surface. The effect is really quite striking. Its a piece that benefits from been seen with some direct lighting hitting it due to the reflective quality of the inks as it highlights all the grain and smoke around the images periphery....

•Sheet Size is 640mm x 450mm - (SRA2)

•Hand printed silkscreen art made with real metal compound inks.

•Acrylic inks on recycled 300 gsm Kraft Stock.

•Stamped, signed and numbered.

•'Dreadtimes Spectrum Variant' is an limited edition of only 25 pieces.

•The prints are supplied unframed in a strong cardboard mailer tube with wax seal artist provenance card.

I've included number of production shots below of this piece being developed at Glass Siren studio.

The master film positive on the vacuum bed of the printing press ready to be aligned for the proofing process.

The first successful high definition screen i managed to produce after tearing my hair out for over a week to get the desired level of definition burnt onto the screen.... In the end i had to take the studio's exposure unit apart, rebuild and add an extra 20 kilo's of bricks on top of the unit to create enough pressure. Once this was actioned the results came out better than expected.......

This is the one of the first prints from the master edition on the press before i started to add the spectrum colour fade.

Red into gold into green - Opacity reduced metalics mix with transparent binder ready for the overprint treatment.Sample of the finished piece.......... I photographed this with a bit of harsh studio lighting just to show off the slightly reflective nature of the inks..

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