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High definition mesh screens were used to bring out all the minute details within this production. The foreground inks were opacity reduced to allow the base layers of the image to show through the ones above. The green surface layer of the print was applied several times using an overprint process which means the sheet was run through the press over and over with an additional top up layer of ink added each cycle until the green hue was attained. High quality recycled stock from the British Paperback Co-operative. Size (SRA2) 640mm x 450mm. Each one is stamped and signed. Supplied unframed in a sturdy cardboard mailer tube to ensure safe transit.



From the testimonials section.

Damon is one of those dedicated experimentalists who, through sheer ingenuity, hard work and a obsession with his art has created a completely unique body of work. Each and every Glass Siren Studio piece is completely original and in a style that draws you in with tones and textures most certainly Sui Generis, paying homage to his musical love and abstract interpretations. We are proud to hang GSS works in our creative hub.

Ryan Shaw (Mastersounds)