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This is a ten layer hand crafted silkscreen print. An abstract composition created using linear harmonograph lines. A highly complicated production utilising opacity reduced inks that allows the printed layers to merge as the image is built up, enhancing the overall visual complexity of the finished print. The symmetry and laying has created quite a hypnotic effect.

Size 640mm x 450mm.

Produced on a 300 gsm recycled stock from the British Paperback Co-operative.

Each one is stamped and signed.

Supplied unframed in a sturdy cardboard mailer tube to ensure safe transit..

I've included a selection of photographs from the production process below.


One of the exposed screens set up on the press.

Close up of the exposed mesh on screen with the acrylic ink mix ready to be printed.

One of the first layers being tested on the kraft stock ensuring this ink mix is of the correct opacity and checking all the fine linear details come out in all areas when applied to the master edition prints.

Mid stage production once four layers of ink has been overprinted and the skeleton of the composition has been layed down.

One of the opacity reduced green layers merging with the rest of the composition.

This is one of the proofing sheets that i was using for testing out all the colour ratios and ink mixes. These were quite nerve wracking prints to produce as it would only take one colour to be out of sync and it would have thrown the whole balance out.

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