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Deep indigo flood featuring a three layer, high definition linear graphic composition which i developed using a series of flowing harmonograph generated lines. This piece has been created using opacity reduced metalic pigment inks of varying levels, all of which have a their own unique reflective qualities which become more pronounced when seen under direct lighting conditions.

Size (SRA2) 640mm x 450mm. High quality recycled stock from the British Paperback Co-operative.

Each one is stamped and signed. Supplied unframed in a sturdy cardboard mailer tube to ensure safe transit.

I've included a few of shots of the proofing and production process below to illustrate how how these prints came to life.


The photograph above shows the individual film positives which i produced in order to create the high definition screens for this production.

Adjusting the opacity levels of the deep blue acrylic ink ready for applying the flooded backgrounds which would form the base for the metalic linear layers to be printed onto.

Finiding out the biting point of the metal compund ink mixes. This took a lot of trial and error. Once the mix ratios had been established it was possible to start printing the linear elements on top of each other until the desired level of contrast was achieved.

Although this is a very subtle composition the tonal contrast between the three metal ink mixes worked really well once dried.

As soon as any direct light hits these prints one of the three metal inks mixes seems to become more prominent in the composition depending on the direction of the light. I'm hoping to utilise this technique in some other linear abstract pieces i've been developing.

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