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10 layer geometric abstract. A randomised silkscreen print production produced specifically for the Damon Roberts -x- Glass Siren Studio solo exhibition at Left Bank venue in Leeds last year.  Size 640mm x 450mm. Stamped and signed by the artist.

This edition is very nearly sold out. Only a handful of perfect condition prints are left on the shelves. Sadly as I was producing these I having work very quickly in the run up to the exhibition. I'd neglected to tape up one corner of the screen on the green layer whilst I was printing. Only 35 of these were created in total and approximately 7 out of the batch had ink leakage on the left hand side of the print so they were used to re-print over as proofs, so only a small amount of perfect ones were produced in the end.......

The last ones I have sat here on the shelves are in perfect condition!.....