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These are one of the few large format silkscreen productions i've created on the printing press at my studio. They are extremely time consuming piece to make and take a lot of setting up. Using a modified metal print platten in the form of a heavy duty aluminium disc which spins around on a pivot enables me to hand apply the inks in a very precise controlled fashion to chosen substrate i'm working with.

The finished artwork is a 4mm thick sheet of dutch greyboard with a varnish aperture applied as the base for the linear image to sit upon, the image is then sealed with another layer of varnish. These are supremely detailed pieces which have a kind of xray feel to them. The inks i used were a very delicate mixture of opacity reduced black acrylic with a tiny amount of metal compound pigment added and a lot of varnish to dilute the opacity. The linear abstract almost looks like graphic pencil close up. Sheet size is 30 x 30 inches.

Because of the size of these it was possible to bring out a phenomenal amount of linear detail in them. There are real statement pieces and have quite a hypnotic effect when you look into them for any prolonged amount of time. These pieces will obviously need framing and it will be a custom job for something of this size. £200 with 'art glass' would be approximately the cost to have this done with a bespoke framer.

Below you can see the aluminium disc i engineered to work as the spinning platten. I eventually marked it up like a clock face with the required degrees so i could get the printed ink quarters to perfectly join and make the finished seamless image.

Below is a photograph of one of the test proofs i made before begining work on the final production. You can see how all the edges of the linear abstract fade out to nothing by using extremely fine dot gain on the edges. This is where the inks overlap and blend on finished pieces so even the surface density is absolutely even....

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