cmyk silkscreen print wall art abstract
making this abstract silkscreen wall art print edition
the film stage of making these limited edition wall art prints
close up detail of these abstract wall art prints
original hand crafted wall art being produced
fine art abstract silkscreen prints
one of the screens that was used to make this limited edition wall art print
how these abstract wall art prints were made
mixing the colours for the orbs abstract wall art series
one of the original proofs from this series of abstract wall art prints
signed original wall art prints


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This is very low number limited edition hand crafted silkscreen print. This is one of the alternative colour variants i produced whilst making the master cmyk print run of the 'Orbs #1 Abstraction' from my archive. I created three alternative colour versions in total of this composition. The black version being the master edition of 85 pieces.  I only produced 25 of this blue version.

The reason for creating these additional colours versions was simply my curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to do a little experimentation on the printing press to see what other outcomes i could create using this process whilst i still had all the screens exposed and ready to use.

The cmyk print process i utilzed is often used in the commercial print industry for printing everything from cereal boxes to magazines. I wanted to take the basic principles of this process and explore its potential in a fine art capacity to see what could be achieved.

The result of experimenting with this process for over 12 years has started to produce some really interesting results. These are luxury quaility prints with a incredible textural surface character due to the overprinted inks that you simply cannot achieve with any other process.....

Included below are a selection of shots to show this piece being developed at my studio, so you can get an idea of the process that led to its creation. I have a few more shots to add in this section as well over the next few days. My site is always a work in progress as i doccument my printmaking activities as much as possible so i'm the process of pulling as much information together on these pages to give visitors an deeper understanding of my working practice.

Film production stage showing the separate transparencies for each individual colour that would need to be printed to make up the final full colour screenprint.

Above and below shows the exposed screens that were used for the black layer of ink application. Another screen was created for each individual colour that was applied.

The ink mixing stage on the studio's vacuum bed. Testing out the most suitable binder and ink percentages so when the colours are overprinted they would form the correct hues...

Sold Magenta ink on the squeegee ready to test flood the screen.

One of the test proofs of the black layer fresh of the press.

Here you can see how the depth of colour began to emerge as the individual layers were overprinted one on top of each other.

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