hand made abstract wall art stamped by artist
electronic music themed wall art screenprint
electronic music themed wall art print detail
hand made limited edition electronic music wall art
abstract wall art electronic music theme
roland 303 abstract wall art print limited edition
detial of this electronic music inspired wall art print
artist signed original limited edition wall art
detail of this abstract limited edition wall art in blue
close up detail of this electronic music themed wall art print
roland 303 electronic music themed wall art screen print
signed by the artist limited edition abstract wall art


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Hand crafted silkscreen print. Size 640mm x 450mm. This is a seriously low number edition consisting of only 18 prints. Each one is stamped, signed and numbered in pencil. These pieces are created on a high grade 300gsm recycled kraft stock.

These are detail rich prints which have been created using five individual layers of hand applied inks. The base layer of this abstract was produced using a opacity reduced metalic silver ink with the subsequent layers of colour acrylics overprinted on top of this. This technique has created a stunning lustrous metalic sheen to prints surface.

As many of you know who have followed my work for any length of time that music has been a huge influence in much of my creative output over the years. This print  forms part of a series of new productions based around music technology. This is one of a series of new abstractions featuring graphic cut ups and edits of some now seriously fetishised pieces of audio tech. The roland tb-303 and tr-808 machines need little introduction for those with an interest in electronic music. These beautiful analogue machines have been pushed and moulded into new forms in this release and brought to life using this incredibly versatile hands on print process.

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