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Words from the artist....

[Damon Roberts -x- Glass Siren Studio]

I have been working as a silkscreen artist solidly for the last 15 years, gradually unearthing the magic that can be achieved with this versative print process. During this time i've build up a large archive of highly experimental hand crafted abstract silkscreen art with themes often based around sound, music, nature and architecture.

Once in a while i embark on a mission to expand my reach and introduce my work to new audiences. It's an important part of keeping this cycle of printmaking i find myself in evolving and moving forward.

I've found in order to do this in the digital age sometimes have to give a little in order to receive a little. So today is no different. I have pulled out a handfull of really special prints from my achive for this new promotion. It's title is 'Flow 23'

'Flow 23' is an abstract composition which forms part of an ongoing series of works i've been developing at my studio. It's a slice of pure abstract retro - futurism based around sound. It fall's into what i describe as my 'ghost print' category of works. This refers to the process i have developed which uses a reduced mono colour palette using only deep charcoal, dulled silver metal compound inks and cream acrylics which are overprintined on top of each other to create a stunning duo-tone effect which looks incredible under direct lighting conditions.

The sheet size of this print is 640mm x 450mm. Each one is rubber stamped and signed in pencil. Produced on a high grade 300 gsm recycled stock from the British Paperback-Co-operative. The print features a combination of metal compound inks and acrylic inks. These are full price mint condition hand crafted pieces i am offering via this promotion.


In order to receive the discount on this print should you wish to purchase simply copy and paste the promo code above in the discount box when going through checkout.

It's often an impossible task to try and represent on a computer screen the textural depth, heavy ink build up and the unique charateristics that this process introduces in my work, so i've included a few production photographs below to at least illustrate the hand crafted nature and time involved in making work of this nature. You can also hear what others have to say about my work in the testimonials section of my site...


The photograph above show's one of the individual film positives from this production on my studio's exposure unit. The ultra violet frequency of light generated in this unit reacts with photo-sensitive emulsion that i coat the printing screens with. Once exposed and the excess emulsion is washed off this produces a durable high-defintion stencil that can be used to print with. This release required several screens making up in order to work out the best tonal contrast at the proofing stage. Only two were chosen for the final production.

Below is the high viscosity metal compound ink i favour for creating the base layer in these "Ghost Print' productions. The lighter foreground tones are then overprinted on top of this specialist ink using a tighter definition screen in order to create the slightly off-set duo-tone image that really jumps of the sheet once direct light hits it.

Each print purchased is supplied with a Glass Siren Studio wax seal provenance card.

If you are purchasing this print as a gift for someone and you wish for the card to be inscribed with a personal message please drop me a line via email with your order number and i can arrange this for you..

►Email :- Glass Siren Studio

All prints are dispatched directly from my studio via Royal Mail insured signature delivery service. I use heavy duty recycled card postal tubes to ensure the work arrives in perfect condition. Please note if ordering i only do one postal run every 7 days  from my studio as i like to dispatch all my orders at once so i can focus my energies on printmaking and developing new work the other six days of the week.

If you are a new to my site and this is your first visit please check the links out below for further info on my art, ideas and the process i work with. If you wish to be brought back to this offer page click the 'Promo Offer' link on any of the pages within this site.


All the best

Damon Roberts -x- Glass Siren Studio.


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