framed abstract wall art screenprint
abstract wall art screenprint
abstract wall art print
abstract art screenprint
abstract silkscreen art print
artist signed abstract art screenprint
linear abstract silkscreen art print
mixing speedball arcylic inks at my studio
creating abstract art prints
abstract art prints being made at glass siren studio


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Hand produced linear abstract silkscreen print produced on a varnish flood with metal compound additive. The linear component of this prints were produced using a charcoal ink mix with a super black overlay to enhance the definition and increase the images contrast.

These are a beautifully produced very subtle print.

The sheet size is 640mm x 450mm.

300 gsm recycled Kraft stock from the British paperback co-operative.

Stamped and signed. Supplied with wax seal provenance card.

Packed in a strong cardboard mailer tube to ensure safe transit.

*The additional shots are of the individual films on the light box in the studio that were used to create the prints. I've started to include some production photographs on many of the pages within the site just to try and give visitors and idea of how the work is made.