'Ultra World'
A New Abstract Print Edition
By British Artist
Damon Roberts
(Glass Siren Print Studio)
- Free 'A5' Print Offer -
Free 'A5' Print Offer
The 'Ultra world' print edition is my latest abstract release which marks my 15th year as a printmaker. It's my aim this year to get as much of my work out into the world year.

As part of this drive i'm offering up the small 'A5' version of this new print release absolutely FREE as way of an introduction to my work.

(Customer covers the postage + packaging - £4.69 p&p)

The new 'Ultra World' composition features heavily processed geometric forms which have been texturised using photographed elements from my analogue silkscreen experiments which has given this release a real organic feel.

Most of the work i've focussed on to date has been the result of experimenting with the 'hands on' silkscreen process. I'm starting to develop a parallel range of affordable photographic quality print editions which is going to enable me to open up my art to a whole new audience.

The abstract work i produce often takes much of it's inspiration from sound, nature and architecture. Using space, colour and texture as building blocks for much of my output.

This forthcoming range will feature previously unreleased work from my archive which has been re-edited and re-imagined with a new harmonised colour palette.

The 'Ultra World' Edition is available in two sizes. The Small 'A5' version which is FREE and the Large Format 'A3' version which is available to order on a special offer which includes an additional abstract print release called 'Detra Blax'

Check the two options below for full details.