colourful geometric abstract art print

ALTERED STATES - abstract art print

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kaleidoscopic style abstract composition created with ten layers of hand applied inks. Size 640mm x 450mm. Produced on a 300 gsm recycled stock from the British Paperback Co-operative.

colourful linear abstract art print made with the silkscreen print process

This edition has sold out. The following photograhs are from the production process  just to illustate how this how this piece came to life.

linear abstract art print by artist damon roberts

One of the first component layers about to be printed on the previous printing presses i used to use.
printmaking at abstract art studio glass siren in leeds
Inky silkscreen frame from the final layer of the Altered States edition.
the abstract printmaking process at glass siren studio
How the print looked at the mid producting stage before the final foreground layers were applied.
abstract art printmking process at glass siren studio
artists certificate of authenticity

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