"Damon has a unique style and an eye for detail that few others have. Everything he creates has incredible depth & I’m always impressed by the stunning hypnotic effect his work has on me"

Jagz kooner (Sabres of Paradise / The Aloof / Remixer of Primal Scream / massive attack / Kasabian / Oasis)


Stunning hand crafted silkscreen art with meticulous attention to detail. Really looking forward to seeing how this artists work develops in the future…….

Gez Varley (LFO / Warp Records / G-Records / Studio k7)

I recently framed and hung this beautiful piece of work from Damon (glass siren studio). Authentic work, totally unique in style. It commands the room......

Daniel Moore - Crazy P (20:20 Vision)

I have bought many prints from Damon. The quality of his productions are astonishing as is the detail in each of them. He pushes the boundaries of what is possible with traditional printing methods. A proper artisan.

Joe Laniado  (A Room in Town Group Ltd)

Damon Roberts a unique artist. Often translating sound into the world of art. His use of abstract imagery has so many parallels with musical forms. Groundbreaking print techniques takes his work to new levels. This is a new language in design and print.

Greg Roberts  (Dreadzone / Dubwiser / SubMantra)


Having had my head turned by an artwork online, I hunted down the original and it led me to Glass Siren Studio and to Damon. Purchasing from him was made simple, the quality of the artwork was exemplary, and the attention to detail spot on. His work is of the highest quality and the service is second to none.

Alex Knight  (Co-founder Fat-Cat Records)


Damon is one of those dedicated experimentalists who, through sheer ingenuity, hard work and a obsession with his art has created a completely unique body of work. Each and every Glass Siren Studio piece is completely original and in a unique style that draws you in with tones and textures most certainly Sui Generis, paying homage to his musical love and abstract interpretations. We are proud to hang GSS works in our creative hub.

Ryan Shaw (Mastersounds) 

When I look at the work that comes out of Damon Roberts` Glass Siren Studio I`m struck by many things. Commitment, care and craftsmanship are right up there. From hand-drawn sketches that eventually lead to ultraviolet light-activated stencils, the balancing of pigment tone, opacity of ink. These are complex productions some of which reaching ten layer of hand applied colours. From the custom-built printing press, down to the wax stamp-sealed documents that validate the artwork`s authenticity. I am in awe.

Robert Harris Aka Dr Rob  (Testpressing / Banbantonton)


This artists elaborate silkscreen productions feel like screenshots from futuristic measuring equipment in a 50's sci-fi film, yet they still have totally modern aesthetic.

John Mirland (Bessing & Mirland)


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