By Damon Roberts


A selection of prints i've made with a metalic Duo-Tone silkscreen process. This process needs two screens of the same image. One needing a much sharper contrast than the first for the process to work effectively.

framed abstract art prints featuring sound waves in a recording studio
The first screen creates the base of the image in a metalic ink. The second sharper screen overprints the image in a  cream acrylic ink. The juxtaposition and contrast of the two inks creates the duo-tone effect.
When done correctly this creates a print that has a semi reflective shimmer effect with looks absolutely incredible when direct light hits the sheets surface.
Check out the 'Test Tones' prints i have for sale that feature this process.

An example of the blue Smoke Spheres edition featuring the duo-tone process.

Production shots of the'Smoke Spheres' edition being printed on the silkscreen press.

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